For The Love Of Bowling


Here at ZONE BOWLING we’ve put together some tricks and tips to make a successful date for Valentine’s Day. So, whether you are a Husband, Wife, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Father, Mother, Grandpa, Grandma we’re here for you!

Valentine’s Day Tips

  • Instead of the usual chocolates and flowers try a gift that is more expressive of your love and care; such as a poem, a song, a hand-made card.
  • Break from the norm and give an experience as a gift such as going to see a movie, an art exhibition, ice skating, a cooking class, rock climbing, white water rapids and of course, Bowling!
  • Low on cash? Why not cook for your loved one at home, make something special out of it – Candles are always a good idea
  • Put the phone down! Concentrate all your attention to your loved one and save the hashtags, selfies, snapchats, check-ins, likes, acronyms, networking, posts, blogs, cat pics and, tweets for another time.
  • Share your feelings! Express how you feel about your loved one and let them know!

How to impress your date

  • Be yourself!
  • Lead the conversation, plan topics that you both might find interesting
  • Take pride in your appearance. Turning up looking sharp. Dress to impress
  • Who said chivalry is dead? Be respectful, and polite while with your date.
  • Compliments go a long way!  Who doesn’t feel good when someone says something nice about you?
  • Put thought into the date and plan ahead. Check out review websites for restaurants and even Facebook pages.
  • Phone ahead to ZONE BOWLING and ask for tips and tricks on how to get more strikes. But we may suggest letting your loved one win!

Stuck for ideas?

  • Pamper your loved one with a gourmet home cooked meal. Don’t forget the candles!
  • Take your loved one to a day spa and relax and unwind together. That’ll make you feel refreshed to get that high score on basketball in the arcades at ZONE BOWLING!
  • Go for a round of karaoke whether if it is in your lounge room or at the karaoke joint.
  • Buy an experience such as hot air ballooning to a massage
  • Have flowers delivered to your loved one’s workplace
  • Have a picnic in your local park. A blanket, some snacks, a drink and each other!
  • Do something out of the norm!
  • And do we dare say? Visit ZONE BOWLING!

Why having date night at ZONE BOWLING is good for your relationship

No more will you be sitting awkwardly in front of someone at dinner trying to think of something witty to say. No more will you be sitting next to that special someone silently in the cinema thinking whether you should hold their hand or offer them the popcorn bucket. ZONE BOWLING will have you and your loved one being bowled over in laughter as you throw those bowling balls down the gutter win, fighting for dominance in the laser tag arenas and winning those points in the arcades to take home the sentimental mood ring from the prize counter!

Not only does your true self come out while having fun at ZONE BOWLING but it can be good for you! Bowling can help release endorphins while you pick up those heavy 16-pound bowling balls and chuck the ball as hard as you can down the lane, getting in that exercise. 

So, we say “Have a Happy Valentine’s Day for 2019”

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