Food That Will Have You Chef-Ing Out During Iso…

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This iso life has half of us baking new recipes found on Tik Tok and half of us eating everything in our pantry/fridge. Over the years of experimentation there have been many fails and some have led to  several successes, from Chicken & Waffles to Loaded Fries and dessert pizza, creating an odd mix of flavours that are magically delicious.

To tantalise your taste buds during quarantine whilst we can’t currently dish up anything from the ZONE BOWLING cafe, we thought we’d list out some of our favourite food ideas and combos that we find delicious and we think that you might to! 

First things first – breakfast!  You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Aussie Classic – the Bacon and Egg Roll. A delicious brioche bun, with a sunny side up egg and a crispy piece of bacon…drool…(I mean we never said we were on diets)! Another Aussie classic - Vegemite, with the dark-salty spread being a favourite across slices of toast for those of all ages, and a love for Avocados (even though they’re the reason most millennial's can’t afford a house). Behold these two foods on one finely toasted piece of bread and you have the perfect creamy, salty and delicious breakfast or brunch snack!

Next up, an Instagram favourite, the thing everyone seems to be baking in ISO…Banana bread. Can’t go wrong with this one. Even if you don’t like bananas, you most likely like banana bread. Whats not to like, it’s basically cake. It doesn’t take long to make and if you throw in some chocolate chip chunks you’ve got a dessert (or breakfast) (or lunch) ready to go PLUS everyone will think you’re a baking guru.

We’ve seen this Tik Tok trend go around and we’re not quite sure, have you tried it? The Whipped Coffee Latte. The consensus seems to be positive and I mean it looks creamy and delicious so I’m sure there’s not much to hate about this. Mix 2 Tablespoons of coffee, 2 tablespoons of sugar and some boiling water together and whisk for 5 – 10 minutes. Then pour some milk into a glass with ice and then add your whipped concoction on top!

To round out this tasty little list we’ve got our own food combo we think is a little weird but very good. Our Rocky Road Dessert Pizza. Missing it while we’re closed? Make it yourself its easy! 

1 x Plain Pizza Base
100 grams of Nutella
20 grams Mini Marshmallows 
10 grams Crushed Nuts
40 grams Rocky Road
10 ml Thickened Cream
1 Scoop Vanilla Ice-Cream

1. Place the plain pizza base in a pizza oven and cook for 2 minutes
2. Take the plain pizza base out of the pizza oven and add the Nutella making sure to spread it evenly right up to the edge
3. Sprinkle crushed nuts and mini marshmallows over the Nutella evenly
4. Chop the rocky road and also sprinkle this evenly on top
5. Place the pizza back in the pizza oven and cook for a further 1 minute 
6. serve on a pizza board with vanilla ice-cream

Let us know what you’ve been cooking up during iso in the comments below…we may just use them!