Fathers Day Ideas at ZONE BOWLING


At ZONE BOWLING we love celebrating everyday in our venues across Australia, but one of our favourite days in the calendar is Father’s Day! When we find out that first Sunday in September is coming up we know it is time to start planning to make sure we can out do ourselves from last year and truly celebrate our favourite father figure in our lives!

Now most years we leave it until the last minute to organise gifts and most of the time we are stuck at the shopping centre the night before deciding whether to buy that multi pack of socks or to just grab a wallet that will sit in Dad’s drawer for years to come. But this year take a turn on bland gift giving and lock in a gift that dad will not only enjoy, but also include you too, an ZONE BOWLING Gift Card!

a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card is the perfect gift for that person in your life that not only needs to Bowl It Off, but would love to take down the family in a few missions of Laser or show who can grab the high score in our arcades. Because a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card is the perfect ticket for a day out at your nearest venue, but it can also let you experience even more fun at a Kingpin or a Playtime venue!

To make it even easier for you to grab your gift card you can jump over to our handy site and pick from an E-Gift Card, which will go straight to Dad’s Inbox with a custom message, or grab a physical Gift Card and have it sent over in the mail for a touch of old school class. Depending on how much you have to spend this year, you can pick from $20 all the way up to $250!

Now that you have locked in the perfect gift for Dad, it’s time to plan the perfect day at ZONE BOWLING! Because this Father’s Day we have you covered by offering free bowling for Dads! Simply head down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING venue on Sunday September 3 and Dad’s bowl for free with any kid’s game purchased.

So as we count down the days to the first Sunday in September, make sure you’ve ordered your Gift Card online to make sure it gets delivered on time and then head to our website and book in the perfect day for Dad to make sure you have a Father’s Day not to forget!