Happy Easter from ZONE BOWLING and around the world


Hot cross buns, Easter eggs, hunting around the garden, chocolate for breakfast (and lunch), and an awesome extra day off school or work. It doesn't get much better than Easter.

To celebrate, we're putting on an Easter special that will have you hopping down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING, where we'll have to remind you to eat your Easter eggs rather than bowl them down the alleys. From March 25-28, for just $19.90 per person, you'll get two games (either bowling, or laser tag, or one of each), as well as five arcade tokens, and $5 return pass.

So that's how we're celebrating - but how does the rest of the world do it?

1. Mexico

Easter in the land of enchiladas is a grand affair. In fact, it's practically their most important holiday. It takes two weeks, and consists of first the 'Semana Santa' (the Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Saturday), then is followed immediately by 'Pascua'. It's when most families will go on holiday together, as schools and businesses close down around the country for the fortnight.

2. Bermuda

They do things a little differently in Bermuda, but we can't say we don't wish it would make its way here. Come Good Friday, most families will be out on the beach or at their park flying locally made kites. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, and some of them can take several people to get up in the air. The locals also enjoy feasting on codfish cakes (surely more of a treat than it sounds, right?), and of course, warming the odd hot cross bun in the microwave, too.

3. Spain

Spain is another place where Easter is a pretty big deal. As it's a religious holiday, many people go to church, but they do so carrying palm fronds or olive branches, which get blessed by the priest upon arrival. Aside from that, there is also the Holy Week, which is celebrated with plenty of eating, drinking and parades.

4. Haiti

Head to Haiti for Easter and prepare for a massive outdoor party. These Holy Week celebrations are known locally as 'Rara ', and generally just involve a lot of dressing up, dancing and singing in the streets, accompanied by drums, trumpets, bells and other musical instruments.

5. Norway

Known locally as Pasque, Easter is a fun and frivolous affair in Norway. As well as the usual chocolate and feasting, one of the common things you find related to Easter here is actually crime novels. Apparently, many people take this time off to burn through a good Jack Reacher novel or two!

So that's what everyone else is doing with their families this year, what will you be up to with yours?

Please also note our opening hours for the Easter weekend as follows:

  • Good Friday 10  a.m. - Close
  • Easter Saturday 9 a.m. - Close
  • Easter Sunday 10 a.m. - Close
  • Easter Monday 10 a.m. - Close