Don't be a turkey - stretch those muscles!


As we all know, bowling is a fantastic family activity that is not only fun and competitive, but also easy to pick up for newer players. Thanks to helpful bumpers, ramps and tuition from ZONE BOWLING staff, tenpin bowling is probably one of the most accessible sports for people of all age groups. Despite this, bowling is still a physical activity and if you don't stretch properly it can leave you sore the next day. Here are suggestions for how you should stretch before you dominate your opponents. 

Wrist stretches

Of course, holding a ball and waving it about like a mad man will put tension on your wrists, so try these stretches before you let loose the balls of war. 

  • Totally fabulous: Bend your wrist so your fingers are pointing downwards. Use your other hand to hold them down for a few seconds, then swap hands.
  • Like Ironman: Now hold your hand up in a 'STOP' position, like Ironman blasting fools with his hand-lasers. Use your other hand to pull your fingers back for a moment, then swap hands again.
  • Shake it up: Though not so much a stretch, a great way to loosen up your wrist muscles is to just go crazy and shake them. 

Lunge stretches

Next, it's time to slap on a sweatband and start lunging like a pro. Or just do some quiet lunges in the corner ... you know ... whichever.

  • To the left, to the left: Take a big step to the left, leaning your weight on your right leg. This should stretch out the inner muscles of your left leg. Hold for a moment then swap.
  • To the front, to the front: Now kneel down on one knee, hands on your hips. Push your hip forwards to stretch your hamstring, make some grunting masculine noises (regardless of gender) and then swap legs.

Now you're ready to win!