Common bowling mishaps and how to avoid them


If you've been to a bowling alley, you'll have witnessed the competitiveness of bowling league and the fun atmosphere of team bowling. However, you may have also seen some bowling mishaps, from the embarrassing or the scary to the downright hilarious!

Here's a list of common slip-ups that you might encounter at the alley - and how to avoid being the victim:

Bowling backwards

Though we all know where the bowling ball is meant to travel - down the alley and directly into the pins - it doesn't always happen that way. Accidentally letting go of the ball as your arm swings backwards is a surprisingly common mishap. Though it may be hilarious for spectators (and blush-worthy for the person who's done it), it can actually be quite dangerous if anyone gets in the way of the heavy ball. 

To avoid this happening to you, set your mind on keeping a firm grip until your arm is in front of you. If you're a repeat offender, advise other players to stand well back, or use a bowling ramp to eliminate the chances.

Slipping over

Despite safety precautions, there are often players who ignore the lane line and end up sprawled on the ground as if they've stepped on a banana skin. The lane is slicked and well-oiled for a reason - to help your ball glide down the lane and get you that perfect strike. However, it can be difficult for a human to remain upright if they step on that slippery surface! 

To avoid falling flat on your face in front of your bowling team, make sure you are aware of the line that separates the approach from the lane itself - there's really no better way! 

Getting your fingers stuck in the ball

You know that moment of panic when your finger gets stuck in a ring as you try it on in a jewellery shop? This is much like the feeling you'll get if this happens with a bowling ball.

Prevent this heart-thumping moment from happening to you by removing anything that could get snagged in the holes on the ball, such as jewellery, and picking a ball that's right for your finger size.