Come one, come all to the new Bowling 101 classes!


Picture this. You walk up to the bowling ball conveying belt with a swagger, you flick your hair because you know exactly which ball to choose next, you put your fingers through the holes with a quiet confidence.

You saunter over to the bowling lane, and then with the speed and agility of a ninja you switch positions to charge down the lane.

Your arm swings back in a perfect arc, the bowling ball like an extension of every muscle and sinew in your body. Then you race forward and let it go, and it rolls in an admiringly straight line down the centre of the lane to get - you know it - a STRIKE! 

Well, that could be you, and in fact all your friends and family too, thanks to the new Bowling 101 courses at ZONE BOWLING.

These free sessions run for 90 minutes at selected centres and are pretty relaxed, so anyone and everyone can join in. The classes will cover a wide range of coaching and tips, including how to pick the correct ball and the best way to approach the lane.

The classes run for four weeks, so you have plenty of time to get your bowling nerd on and learn a variety of shots and ways to aim. 

It is often said that knowledge is power, but learning how to bowl is even more exciting because you get to have fun while learning new skills. Graduating from the course will finesse your bowling technique and help you smash out strike after strike. Who says school isn't for the cool kids? 

After you complete the free four week course, why not throw a cheeky bowl-a-thon graduation party? The bowling alley is your graduation ceremony stage, and with our Sunset Unlimited Deal you can play to your hearts content between 7 and 10 pm every Monday to Thursday. 

We can't wait to bowl you over with our new course!