Clothes maketh the man (and woman): What to wear when bowling


Unless you're a pro bowler decked out in your bowling league team's uniform, just like Homer Simpson and his Pin Pals, you'll have to make a choice on what to wear when heading to a ZONE BOWLING.

Don't let the casual ambience of a bowling alley fool you - whether it's for a birthday or work party, you have to remember to make a fashion statement! Just imagine the looks of admiration you'll garner as you hit strike after strike wearing your favourite T shirt.

The important thing to remember is that you have to 'strike' a balance between style and comfort. Those skinny jeans might look cool when you're out and about on the streets, but think about how uncomfortable it might get as you constantly bend down to bowl the ball.

You should therefore go for comfortable and fairly loose-fitting clothes to ensure you get the maximum range of movement. Whether you're walking up to the approach to throw your ball or punching the air after getting a strike, you don't want anything holding you back!

Your best bet, therefore, would be a simple shirt and some comfortable pants to help you really get close and personal with the lane and hit those strikes.

Shoes are another big wardrobe consideration when you go bowling. The scope is fairly small here as you're most likely stuck with those horrendous kicks provided at the alley, but make sure you're wearing appropriate footwear when heading to the centre.

Choose shoes that are easy to take off and put back on again before and after your game. Remember to pack a pair of socks as well - for the sake of the person who next wears the shoes!

Ready to make a statement with your threads at your next bowling game? Have a good hunt through your wardrobe then head down to an ZONE BOWLING today!