Can bowling make you smarter?


We all know what bowling is good for - it's a fun form of physical exercise, a great way to relieve stress and a perfect idea for a birthday or work party.

However, there's one benefit you might not have thought of - bowling could make you smarter!

The brain is one of your most important muscles, and it deserves to receive adequate exercise as well. However, that doesn't mean you don't have to slave away at Sudoku puzzles or other mind-boggling brain games.

Playing fun and physical sports such as bowling are just as effective in boosting your brainpower, according to some scientists!

Improved visual coordination

Anyone who has played any form of sport will know that great visual coordination is required to succeed.

Some people are conditioned to be visual learners, and physical sports and exercise can help develop the part of your brain that deals with visual function.

Bowling is a great example - you're constantly required to judge the location and arrangement of the pins and figure out how best to bowl them down!

Increased focus

Dr John Ratey was quoted in an August 5, 2012 article on Forbes as saying that your cognitive focus is improved immediately following physical exercise.

It helps in the long term too. According to Dr Ratey, regular exercise can stave off brain-related diseases such as Alzheimer's.

So why not go for a round of team bowling to get your brain nice and pumped up?

Brain growth

Thought swinging those heavy bowling balls was only good for toning your arm muscles?

According to OnlineCollegeCourses, regular physical exercise stimulates the growth of brain cells, and physically fit 18 year-olds were more likely to go on to higher education - and more likely to secure full time jobs down the line.

It's clear to see that sports such as bowling can indeed play a part in making you smarter - so ditch those textbooks and head down to your local ZONE BOWLING today!