Bowling tips: The approach


The concept of bowling seems simple enough - walk up to the lane, throw the ball and hope it knocks down as many pins as possible.

However, as with any serious sport, there are many intricate techniques you have to master if you want to get consistent results. One of these is the approach.

If you find that your ball keeps veering off to the side or always seems to lack enough power, you might be approaching the lane incorrectly.

Here are some tips to keep in mind at your next team bowling game to impress your mates!

Your grip

Every bowling ball has three clearly marked holes to insert your fingers, so how you hold it shouldn't be too much of a dilemma.

Your grip doesn't end with the fingers, however. Your wrist should be kept straight but relaxed, allowing for a natural swing.

Keep your entire hand and wrist straight for the entire duration of the throw, from the moment you swing your arm back until you release the ball.

How many steps?

Have you ever approached the lane with an awkward number of steps, resulting in you releasing the ball either too early or too late and ruining the throw?

It helps to get a regular step regime in place, and to keep practising this so it feels like second nature.

The 'standard' number of steps recommended in the approach is four, beginning with the foot on the same side as your throwing hand.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule and you can take a step more or less if you prefer, depending on what works best for you.

The release

Knowing when to release the ball can be one of the hardest techniques to perfect.

Many bowlers just don't know when to let go, and end up messing up the angle at which the ball hits the lane.

As a guideline, you should release the ball when it is at the lowest point of your swing, near your ankle.