Bowling Safety 101

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Bowling Safety 101

We’ve already introduced you to the Line Which We Shall Speak Of (again and again) in our safety blog on not crossing the bowling lane foul line (read it here!). Now master the next steps of being Bowling Safe...

These shoes were made for bowling

Want to show off some fancy footwork on the lanes? First learn how to pick the most notorious (and probably most photographed) item of bowling paraphernalia ever: the fashion statement that is our bowling shoes. Heck, we’ll even help you with a few shoe tips:

  • Pick a pair that fits nice and snug, but doesn’t pinch your toes – you don’t need a painful distraction just as you’re hitting your stride. Same goes for shoes that are too big: they maximise your chances of stepping over the foul line, even when you think you’re still safe. You’re not a clown, so pick them right!
  • Wear socks with your kicks. Trust us. You’re doing us (and you!) a favour. If you don’t have your own, we can provide you with some.
  • Remember that these shoes have not just been created to look great (ha!), but also to maximise your sliding power, keeping your ankles and feet safe while you’re at it. Another reason to keep them away from the foul line.
  • Please don’t walk out with these beauties on your feet: we can’t take responsibility for any laughter and subsequent emotional scarring you might endure outside on the streets…

Got balls?

Ah, bowling balls… They are not all equal. So don’t just pick your favourite based on its colour. Rather:

  • Make sure your fingers fit comfortably into the grip holes. It’s really embarrassing trying to grease out stuck fingers.
  • Pick the right weight for you. If you can barely carry the ball, there’s no way you’re going to master the swooping arc of an arm as it gets ready to release a beautifully flying ball on its Path of Ten Pin Slaying History… Instead, you might be nursing a wrenched shoulder socket.
  • Vice versa, if the ball leaves your hand and hits the ceiling instead of the bowling lane, you might have to level up on weight.
  • Test balls as follows: nestle your fingers into the grip holes. Hold the ball in the palm of your hand, bending your arm to a 90-degree angle. If you can hold it comfortably, it’s your ball. If it drags your arm down or feels like a feather, pick a different ball.

Many happy returns

As the saying goes: if you love something, set it free… And such it is with your beloved bowling ball. Set it free on its journey down the lanes, and it will prove its love by coming back to you. Eventually. And forced, courtesy of our bowling returns mechanism. Once you see your ball returning, don’t get all excited and run to embrace it, sticking your hand down the tube to help it out… You’ll get a badly bruised hand for your troubles, and you and the ball will bond no more. Wait until your ball returns all the way from the end of the lane and stops back in the rack before you pick it up. This will stop your fingers from getting squashed and show a decent amount of restraint when it comes to romantic relationships with your ball.

Make your kid’s day

All the safety basics are also in play for kids - it’s a good idea to show them the ropes and explain the importance of things such as not crossing the foul line and not sticking their hands down the ball chute. If your child needs a bit of extra help, we have a range of special equipment to make their experience more fun. Just ask us for our special guard rails that take care of any demotivating gutter balls, or ball slides that can be used to help your kids roll their ball down the lane, if they can’t manage to pick up and throw the ball themselves.

Now that you’ve mastered all the Bowling Safety Basics, you’re ready to play. Come on over today to discover a whole new world of fun!


This video has been produced pursuant to an enforceable undertaking between Bowling Centres Australia ACN: 003 710 110 and SafeWork NSW, dated 12 December 2016.