Bowling personalities: Which one are you at the alley?


The bowling alley is a place that caters for everyone - from parties for kids, fun school holiday activities and even your work party - so you're bound to see a wide array of bowlers getting up and having a go at the pins. Some even fit into what we could think of as bowling stereotypes.

Are you one of these bowling personalities?

The competitor

This enthusiastic bowler wants to beat everyone and everything around them, and won't settle for anything less. These serious players keep their eye on the prize and don't allow distractions to come between them and the leader board - and if someone does happen to beat them, it could be hard to pull them out of a dark mood afterwards.

The comedian

Often your crazy uncle or dad, the comedian doesn't care about winning: they're there to entertain! From pretending to slip over on the oiled lane, 'accidentally' dropping the bowling ball on their toes or bowling straight into the gutter on purpose, this casual player will have their whole team in stitches.

The sulk

Whether its a 'gutter ball' or missing one pin off that elusive strike, this player always has a reason to be grumpy - unless, of course, things go their own way. Sitting with folded arms and a scowl, this player needs to be reminded that bowling is all a bit of fun! 

The fluke

There's always the one. Despite never having played before, this alley rookie manages to pull out five strikes and win the game - it's GOT to be luck that they beat you, right?

The one who tries

On the other hand, not everyone is quite so naturally gifted. It seems that this player just can't get the hang of bowling that ball! Not to worry - ZONE BOWLING alleys have special ramps to help players out with their aim, so grab one and watch your score skyrocket!