Bowling on the big screen!


Bowling and movies go together like Vegemite and toast, like ice-cream and chocolate sauce, like the beach and a summer's day! Is there anything better than spending a Saturday at the bowling alley then heading to the movies to take in the latest blockbuster flick with friends and family?

Some of the greatest scenes in movie history have taken place at bowling alleys. That's why today we're taking a look at three of the best movie bowling moments of all time…

The Bowler knocks them down (Mystery Men, 1999)     

Any bowling lover who has seen the classic cult comedy Mystery Men will remember Janeane Garofalo's character - a spunky, high attitude, no mercy superhero named the Bowler.

One of the best scenes in Mystery Men involves the Bowler using her magical bowling ball to destroy evil Casanova Frankenstein's Psycho-frakulator device. Talk about a perfect game!

Twinkle Toes Fred (The Flintstones, 1994)

Fred Flintstone is one of the most famous bowling enthusiasts of all time, and when John Goodman bought the legendary cartoon question to live in a feature film in 1994, there was no question that a bowling scene was in order!

An interesting piece of trivia is that the famous bowling championship scene in the Flintstones movie was very nearly left on the cutting room floor! Fortunately, the makers decided that Fred's famous "Twinkle Toes" bowling style was too important not to include.

Walter saves the day (The Big Lebowski, 1998)

What would a list of bowling movies be without a mention of the Big Lebowski, which is perhaps the greatest bowling movie ever made.

Towards the end of this hilarious film, Jeff Bridges' character The Dude and his bowling buddies finds themselves cornered by a group of nihilists. Luckily, John Goodman's character Walter has his bowling ball on hand, and uses it to knock down the assailants and make a quick escape.

If this article has you itching to relive some of your favourite movie bowling movies - or perhaps check out a few films that you've never seen before - why not head down to or your local DVD store? Or better yet, try re-enacting a few of these clips yourself with a day on the lanes.