Bowling has never been easier


Once upon a time, in the land before iPods, Xboxes and Laser Skirmish, there was bowling.

In fact, if you read up on our brief history of bowling, you'll see that the game actually dates back as far as the Ancient Egyptians! Granted, back then it would have been a lot harder to play a game, what with no bowling alleys and all.

However, these days, getting into the sport has never been easier! And it's so quick to learn, too. Anyone can go from a 'no' to a 'pro' (or at least 'pro' relative to your less-skilled friends) after a few weeks of practise. 

Give a gift of bowling

For starters, sometimes you don't even need to pay for a game. Or be at your local ZONE BOWLING Centre to pay for your friends. ZONE BOWLING gift cards are a great way to encourage your friends to play the sport, either with you or with their other, less-awesome friends. 

These vouchers can be purchased in either a $30 or $50 form, and can be redeemed to play bowling, try Laser Skirmish, go wild on the arcades or guzzle down some food. With $50, you could do all four! 

Book online

The Ancient Egyptians might have had cool hats, but they didn't have the internet, and that's where we contemporary folk win. You don't have to travel to your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre and hope that there is a lane free anymore. Instead, you could jump online days, or even weeks before and book in advance, ensuring your place is secure. 

You can also choose between booking bowling and Laser Skirmish on our website, as well as select a range of great specials and discounts.

So are you ready to have fun and go bowling? Well, we're ready to help you out!