Bowling ball weights - what's right for you?


Choosing the right bowling ball can be the difference between winning the game by a mile and falling into last place. Although skill is a huge part of being a great bowler, being partnered with the perfect bowling ball is a match made in heaven. Whether you are simply out for a fun family activity or if you're training for a bowling league, the right ball holds the key to bowling success.

Depending on your own weight and size, it's important to select the right weight to suit you. When holding the ball, make sure you pay attention to how it feels. If it's too light and you are able to lift it in a way that feels too easy, it may be too light for you. If you struggle to even pick it up from the ball return, then the chances are it's too heavy for you. Find something in between these two extremes, a comfortable weight that allows you to lift the ball steadily yet still throw it solidly and in a precise direction.

Look at your style of play - Tenpin Bowling Balls notes that if you are very much a straight shooter, then heavier balls are a great option for you as they tend to move consistently down the alley. If you like to add a spin to your shot, then a lighter ball will move more freely across the alley.

Remember that if you experience any pain in throwing a bowling ball, you have most likely selected the wrong weight. The ball should be an extension of yourself, and by heading down to your local ZONE BOWLING alley and trying a variety of weights and sizes, you will soon find a ball that is right for you that will lead you to endless strikes and victories!