Bowling at ZONE BOWLING: The ultimate first date


Call us biased if you must, but we think an evening of bowling at ZONE BOWLING is pretty much the best option for a first date, bar none!

We would suggest adding in a game of Laser Skirmish into the mix but let's be honest, the heat of battle sometimes makes hotheads out of the best of us and no-one wants to end their first date by firing repeated shots at their potential beau while screaming "YOU"RE MINE NOW! IT"S TIME TO TAKE OUT THE TRASH!"

Let's leave that for the second date, shall we? So, back to the first one, here are three reasons we believe a game of bowling is the ultimate first date.

Lots of flirting

On your first date you want to come across as charming, funny and charismatic, so that means lots of flirting. Whether you're complimenting them on a good shot, or remarking on how well they rock bowling shoes, you'll have plenty of opportunities to get flirty on a first date at ZONE BOWLING. You might even want to drop one or two of these killer bowling chat up lines - they're virtually guaranteed to send knees buckling and dates swooning.

It's awesome value

No-one wants to come across as cheap on a first date, but sometimes money is tight. With our Sunset Unlimited Deal you can enjoy unlimited bowling between 7 and 10 p.m. Monday to Thursday for just $19.90 per person. Ssshhh ... your date doesn't need to know how cheap it is. Keep that between us.

Everyone's a winner

Whatever the outcome of the game, there's a positive spin. If you win, your date is impressed by your stellar skills with a bowling ball. On the other hand, if they win, you can applaud and glorify them for their bowling prowess.

Of course, you could always 'lose' the game so that you get to get to shower them with praise - a certain way to wind up in the good books at the end of the date.