ZONE BOWLING loves bowling (well, duh!). We love karaoke. And we also like having a bit of fun of the cheesy variety. And thus, we present to you... Bowleoke!

Yes, yes, we realise that none of us are leaving this exercise with our dignity intact... But come on who doesn’t love a bit of Tay Tay with a twist? “Bad Bowls"!? (and we're really sorry Taylor Swift, would you like a free game of bowling?)

Or, if you prefer a different pop hit (or any tune you think might be improved with some ten-pin bowling in it), send us your own bowlified lyrics! Make sure to follow us on Facebook because we’re posting once a month, every month with some Bowleoke lyrics and we want you to top them!. Just comment with your own version of Bowleoke lyrics. Better yet: film yourself singing it! The best Bowleoke hit will go in line to win a really cool Bluetooth Karaoke Mic - the better to impress friends and influence people with, my dear!

We'll be soothing your ears with our easy-listening Bowleoke hits once a month, and there'll be prizes to win every time, so keep an eye out for each tune! And start working on your own hits...

Bad Bowls

(Sing to the tune of Swifty's "Bad Blood")

"And baby, now we got Bad Bowls,

You know we used to have squad goals

You missed a really good strike

So, baby now we got Bad Bowls, yeah!

Now look at that score board:

The pins haven't been floored

You told me that you had Dude Moves

But all we got is just Bad Bowls, hey!"

Need some help?

It's easy to create your own Bowleoke tune:

  1. Pick your song
  2. Decide which part will "bowlify" easiest: the chorus? The first verse? The whole thing?
  3. Add some bowling termsin to create your own dramatic bowling story - pick from our handy list below!

Bowling terms

There's a whole new world of bowling words out there!

  • Strike  -  when all 10 pins are knocked down with one ball.
  • Spare -  when all 10 pins are knocked down with two consecutive balls.
  • Frame -  a frame is one turn
  • Foul line -  the black line at the start of the lane
  • Double -  when you get two strikes in a row
  • Turkey -  when you get three strikes in a row
  • Gutter - the sections on either side of the lane where your ball ends up if you can't keep it on the lane
  • Alley -  surface of the lanes
  • Anchor -  last participant to bowl in a team competition
  • Baby Ball -  throwing a ball too delicately or carefully
  • Break -   a lucky shot
  • Choke  - failing to achieve target
  • Cutter  -  a hook that slices the pins down
  • Grandma's Teeth  - an alignment of pins left standing
  • Graveyards - low-score lanes
  • Honey  - a good ball
  • Looper - an extra-wide hook ball
  • Love tap - a tap from a moving pin that knocks it down
  • Railroad - wide open split
  • Six Pack - six strikes in a row
  • In the Zone - in the groove, powerful, consistent