Bowl Dad over this Father's Day!

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Bowl Dad over this Father’s Day!

He tells terrible jokes, loves a Bunnings’ Sausage Sizzle and spends way too much time cleaning his bicycle. He listens to weird music and then tries to dance to it. (Cringe.) He forgets to put on sunscreen while he’s on the beach, eats too many pies and falls asleep in front of the TV while cuddling the cat (which he says he hates, but doesn’t really). He sometimes embarrasses you in front of your friends and you wish he’d stop wearing that weird Hawaiian shirt… But he’s still the best bloke you know. He’s your Dad.

This Father’s Day, you can bowl dad over with a special treat from Zone Bowling: on 5 and 6 September, purchase one kids’ game of Bowling and receive one free Adults’ Game of Bowling. The perfect gift for any and every dad!

Here’s why Father’s Day at Zone Bowling is the perfect fit for your Dad, no matter his type…

(Wondering what kind of Dad you have, and what you can do for him for Father’s Day? Our fun quiz will help you find out! Click here to get started.)

A chance to get out of the house

All work and no play make Dad a sad, stressed guy… If he’s been working from home while all this lockdown stuff is going on, we’re betting he needs to escape from the four walls of his home office. Taking him bowling creates a low-pressure opportunity where your dad can let his hair down (if he still has any!), spend time with people he loves in real life (no Zooming!) and just have some good fun. It’s a safe space, too: Zone Bowling has strict hygiene and social distancing regulations in place to make sure that you can have a smashing day on the lanes without any nasty consequences.

Read more about our COVID-19 policies and procedures here.

Dressing up

You may not be aware of this, but deep in every dad is a guy who wants to be a Rockstar. Or an author. Or an Olympic athlete. Or a brilliant scientist. Yes, even serious dads have hidden dreams just waiting to jump out…

Help your dad release his inner self by suggesting a dress-up theme for your Father’s Day game of bowling. Let him choose his favourite theme and get the whole family on board with planning his costume in the run up to Father’s Day. Then join him as support actors! He could be Elvis (we’d love to see The King bowl some strikes on our lanes!), Olaf or even Rambo. He could choose an 80s’ or 90s’-themed dress up, or just pitch up in his bathrobe and comfy slippers (Big Lebowski style).

Keeping Dad Fed

No matter what else you do on Father’s Day, remember that keeping your Dad well fed is crucial to him having a good time! Hangry Dads start bowling gutter balls, and nobody wants that… Luckily, Zone Bowling offers a delicious range of bowling-friendly food and drinks, from gourmet hot dogs and different types of yummy fries (it’s amazing what you can do with the humble potato!) to creamy milk shakes – and maybe a beer for Dad. There are loads of options to share, too – IF Dad feels like sharing! Check out menu options here and start picking his favourites.

(Warning: your Dad might never want a sausage sizzle again after tasting our hot dogs!)

Challenge accepted!

Now, we’re not saying you should LET your dad win, but… Maybe go a bit easy on him if you notice his bowling skills are a bit rusty. Just because it’s Father’s Day. And if he’s really struggling to drop those pins, gently steer him in the direction of our cool arcade games and tell him to swap bowling turkeys for getting chickens across busy roads on Crossy Road. You could even try to win your dad a cute plushie from our claw machine to cheer him up. He’d do it for you: it’s your turn to win it for him.

No matter how you choose to spoil your Dad on Father’s Day, remember what it’s all about: spending time with a guy who loves you to bits, and who you love right back. Even when he’s wearing weird Hawaiian shirts. Happy Father’s Day to all the different types of Dads out there – see you soon at Zone Bowling!