Become a master of style with these three bowling finishing poses


Though you might not earn official points for bowling style, you certainly won't lose any either. A good finishing pose can make the difference between a regular, run-of-the-mill bowl and something with pizzazz! Incorporating bowling poses into your evening can make for an awesome team building experience or bring the kids together in fits of laughter at a birthday party. Here are some suggestions for you to try and master.

The Swan's Curtsey

The Swan's Curtsey is launched during your swing, before you release the ball. As you take your final step and begin swinging, lower your body down on one knee, stepping your left foot over the back of your right in a curtsey motion. As the ball is released, thrust your non-bowling arm outwards into a graceful swan's neck-shape and maintain position. You will be considered the prettiest ballerina in the room, as well as the greatest bowler (whether you hit the pins or not is irrelevant, you look amazing). 

The Superman

During the final steps of your spectacular bowling performance, thrust your mighty ball onwards and at the same time drop to one knee. After you release, keep the momentum going in your bowling arm until it is completely stretched forwards. Your non-bowling arm should either be resting in a bicep-bulging supercurl or pressed firmly into your waist. For added oomph, get a run-up to the bowling line so that when you drop to one knee you slide a little bit. 

The Whirlwind Swag

After you release your ball, in one quick motion, spin yourself around to face your awe-struck audience. Stand to your feet as calmly as possible and begin walking away as the ball rolls - it doesn't matter what pins you knock down because you've already knocked everyone's jaws down. If you have long hair, swirl it as you spin then flick it out of your face as you strut. Your nonchalant bowling prowess will flabbergast and astound, and you may immediately acquire sunglasses, depending on your swag levels.

We'd love to hear about your own styles, too! Share with us in the comments below.