Beating the back to school blues at ZONE BOWLING


The start of the school year is always a contrast of two emotions - relief for parents and dread for kids. If this is something that you're seeing in your home, never fear, we are able to plot a course for fun on the weekend.

Kids that are experiencing the back to school blues need to escape the house, let loose and burn off excess energy - and what better place to do this than at ZONE BOWLING! So, what is on offer for your tribe this weekend?

1) Hitting the lanes

The excitement of bowling a strike or two will soon wash memories of sitting in a stuffy classroom away for the kids. Play as a family or individuals and see who can score the most points at the end of the game.

Of course, ten-pin bowling is a sport for almost all ages. We can supply small bowling shoes, balls and ramps to help kids as young as 4 or 5 bowl a strike. It might also be a good idea to have the side bumpers up to ensure there aren't any tears after an accidental gutter ball!

2) Shooting the lasers

There's a good chance that your kids will learn about angles and shapes at school this year. While they won't realise it at the time, kids will use these principles while they hunt each other in the laser tag battleZONE BOWLING!

Let them duck, dive and chase each other as you take a little timeout and enjoy our great hospitality on offer. Who know the kids might tire themselves out and you'll get a quiet car ride home!

3) Playing the arcade

These days, kids come home and are just interested in jumping on their Xboxs and smartphones. If you want to show them the fun you had when you were a kid, head down to the arcade at ZONE BOWLING and beat them at your own game.

From the classic air hockey tables and first-person-shooter games to pinball and Pac-Man, you can teach the youngsters a thing or two about gaming. This said, if they get a little sad from losing, the arcade has more modern games as well - allowing them the chance to get on back on you!

Beat the back to school blues with ZONE BOWLING and send the kids to school on Monday with some fun family memories.