TV Show Themes for your Office Party | ZONE BOWLING


Bringing your office together for a night of fun can be a great way to foster relationships and keep people happy. In fact, loyalty specialist Allegiance even recommends team building activities as a way to help boost levels of employee retention!

Thanks to the many group packages we offer here at ZONE BOWLING, hosting a bowling work party at your local centre couldn't be easier. All you need to do is book online, pick out the activities you'd like and pick a cool theme people can get into.

And what better theme than everyone's favourite TV show? Here are some ideas to help you base your next function around what people love to watch.

Team names

One of the best parts of splitting up into smaller teams is choosing a witty - or just plain silly - name. When there is no theme, anything goes, and so some people have spectacular names, while others stick with the generic 'Team Awesome'.

However, the pun possibilities when restricted to favourite TV shows are still pretty endless, but encourage creativity. Could 'The Mad Men' beat 'Game of Pins'? Is 'The Big Ball Theory' a superior bowling team to 'How I Met Your Bowler'? You'll find out on the night.

Fun costumes

Of course, with great teams come great costumes. Most major TV shows have their own unique look, with interesting styles that would be fun to recreate. 

You could offer prizes for costumes, so that people actually try. This way you'll get to watch men in large, furry capes battle it out on the lanes against an opposing team wearing nerdy T-shirts with catch phrases on them. 

This will help create unusual, though hilarious, memories for your staff to talk about in the weeks to come, promoting their relationships with each other, and their comfort at working for your business.