Are you staying in line at the lane? Bowling rules you didn't know existed


One of the things that makes team bowling so fun and easy is that it's a relatively uncomplicated sport.

For example, you're never going to be called for offside when you're bowling away at ZONE BOWLING!

As with any other sport though, bowling does come with a few rules and regulations - here are some you might not have been aware of.

"Legal delivery"

Sure, all you really need to do in bowling is hurl the ball down the lane. But did you know there is an actual definition of what is considered a 'legal' throw?

According to the World Tenpin Bowling Association's (WBTA) Statutes and Playing Rules, a delivery is only legal when "the ball leaves the player's possession and crossed the foul line into playing territory".

You also have to make the throw manually - that is, with your hands only - and you're not allowed to attach anything that moves or comes off the ball when it is thrown!

Keep your talcum powder at home

If you're thinking of being sneaky at your next bowling league match by applying a substance to your shoes, you can forget about it as it's against the WBTA's rules.

The rulebook states the approach of a lane - the part where you walk up before releasing the ball - must not be defaced, meaning your shoes must be spotless. It lists some very specific substances such as talcum powder, resin and pumice that are banned, as well as soft rubber soles or heels than can rub off on the approach.

Obey the machines

In a clear sign that machines are finally overriding humans, the rulebook also states the mechanical pinsetters have the final say with regards to which pins are left standing, and where.

You are not allowed to change the position of the pins left standing after a delivery, which means even if the pinsetter accidentally knocks one over, you have to leave it there!

Now you know all the ins and outs of bowling regulations, why not head down to ZONE BOWLING for your next corporate party?