Are you a superstitious bowler


Most of the people who book a game of bowling at ZONE BOWLING are just your average Joe, looking for a fun evening with their family or mates. And what could be more fun than a few hours chucking a heavy ball at a bunch of pins?

But we do get a fair few hardcore bowling nuts through our doors, guys and gals for whom bowling is more than just a hobby. They take it seriously. Super seriously! For them, hitting a strike is the greatest feeling in the world, like when you wake up thinking you're late for work only to realise it's a Saturday and you can go straight back to sleep. Take that feeling and multiply it by ten - that's the kind of emotion these guys feel when they bowl a strike.

As with many other sports, their devotion to the sport has seen quite a few curious superstitions develop. Practice and skill are all well and good, but sometimes you need that little bit of help from an intangible source or another realm to help you knock down that final pin.

You might be wondering just how odd some of these superstitions are*. Well, blessing yourself and kissing the ball are quite common ones. Some of the more curious pre-bowl rituals have included the girl who would spin around three times before each throw. She got so dizzy that she guttered virtually every ball.

Then there was the guy who spoke into the holes to what he called the 'driver who lives inside the ball.' Curiously enough, he rarely scored highly either.

One guy liked to do a pre-bowl ritual that involved juggling balls of increasingly heavy weights. He used to drop them so much and could never master the art of bowling on crutches so he quit playing.

If you're looking for that little difference that will push your game to the next level, maybe you need to develop your own superstitious pre-game routine.

*You may also be wondering whether these quirky rituals are even true. We're staying tight-lipped on that one.