A letter from our friend Bigfoot the Yeti


My dear friends at ZONE BOWLING,

After my best mate Vlad the vampire had such a good time bowling at your centre, he posted me a gift card to take my entire Yeti family bowling as well. 

We were flying to Australia from the Himalayas and wanted to make some amazing family memories, so going bowling was the perfect activity! 

I must say, as a family, we are known for having very big feet and my wife and I were worried about finding the right bowling shoe sizes to fit us all.

But we shouldn't have worried because your team of friendly staff bowled us over with their helpfulness and charm!

Our little monsters Sasquatch and Yowie had the time of their lives getting strike after strike. They thundered down the bowling lanes and gave it their all, laughing and having so much fun the whole time. My wife is famous for being the abominable snow-woman but her anger just melted away when she saw the happy smiles on our kids' faces! 

The best part for us was feeding their ravenous appetite with all the delicious food you sell. Family activities for the Yeti clan always end up as huge feasts and we are still licking our furry lips thinking of your yummy food! 

We will never forget your kindness and how funny you all were. While we were bowling, we noticed some children's birthday parties taking place at your centre and we were so impressed that you provide party hosts for each party! We so desperately wish we were staying in Australia longer so we could throw our little rascals a birthday party with you guys.

Vlad wrapped up all that happiness for us in a simple gift card. 

We are now safely back in the snowcapped Himalayas and stomping around, but the kids continue to practise their bowling moves. We can't wait to come back and bowl at your centres again!  

Thank you for everything,

Bigfoot the Yeti