7 reasons to bring mum in for Mother’s Day bowling


Can't decide what to do with the special mum in your life this Mother's Day? Here are seven reasons why you should bring her to ZONE BOWLING to say thanks (even though you only really need one)!

1. It's time to bond

All mums really want on their special day is a break from their massive to-do lists and to just enjoy some family bonding time. Without TVs or errands to distract you, ZONE BOWLING is the perfect place to simply hang out!

2. It's something you can all enjoy

In a study we conducted simply by looking around our alleys, arcades and laser tag arenas, we can confirm that all three activities are extremely enjoyable for all ages. Our evidence? Smiles, laughter, high fives and epic post-strike dance moves.

3. Awesome food and drink

The meals on the menu at ZONE BOWLING are more like what you would find in a restaurant (and a nice one at that). Why take her out to an eatery when here, you've got even better food and drinks as well as great activities?

4. You don't need to book months in advance

This isn't the spa or a fancy restaurant, so even if you didn't think to book months in advance, we've still got you covered. You can book online as soon as you decide to come in - easy!

5. It's different

Flowers and jewels are great, but if you're looking for something a little new and different to do this year, bowling and laser tag certainly fit the bill! The memories of the day will last much longer than a bunch of flowers, and it won't cost you a fortune either.

6. You can bring the family along too

Just because it's Mother's Day doesn't mean you need to leave the rest of the family at home. Bowling is a great game whether it's just the two of you or your entire family, so don't forget to invite her parents and any other family members who want to spend the day together. A word of warning though, this may encourage the older folks to scheme to embarrass you during the game - in this case, it may be best to just let them have their fun, we're sure you'll get them back some other time.

7. It won't tire her out

After all, Mother's Day is all about giving her some time out. You don't want to completely wear her out and leave her feeling exhausted, which is why bowling offers the perfect mix of relaxing activity and plenty of chilled downtime in between.