4 great inspirational songs to help you bowl better


When you stand up from your seat, pick that perfectly weighted ball and slowly approach the lane, you're in the moment. The moment is unbreakable - it is a ZONE BOWLING of complete concentration, where every shot you make is a strike and nothing can go wrong. Of course, when you actually bowl it breaks the illusion but for those few seconds you are on top of the world. 

However, the moment can still be improved. Not just with a solid approach technique but with something greater, something far more intense - inspirational montage music. The next time you're out on a family activity or corporate work party, don't just waltz up and heave the ball down the lane without a plan. Focus on one of these great power songs and watch as those strikes start racking up!

Push it to the limit, Paul Engemann

If it worked for Scarface it can work for you. The song opens instantly with a powerful 80's riff that energises the brain, and keeps that fantastic pace going - just like you will. 

Sail, Awolnation

Arguably the epitome of modern montage music, Sail begins perfectly slow, allowing for a confident approach, followed by plenty of 'BRRT' sounds to pump your heart a little faster and get that ball flying.

Chariots of Fire, Vangelis

The original slow-motion track, Chariots of Fire will see you sprinting to the foul line, ball in hand, at no less than 300 frames per second to unleash your flaming fury upon those puny pins. 

Eye of the Tiger, Survivor

No list would be complete without Eye of the Tiger. Originally created in 1982, and sung in karaoke bars regularly since, Eye of the Tiger is probably the most famous montage song ever created. Pump up the volume of this song in your own head and see yourself to that perfect 300 (or at least ... you know ... 100)!

What are your favourite montage songs? Let us know in the comments!