3 ways to take a break between bowling games


Here at ZONE BOWLING, we take bowling pretty seriously. Sure, it's great fun and a brilliant way to spend time with your mates, but at the end of the day it's still a sport and there will be a winner. So, when out on the lanes, things can get pretty serious, with perfect concentration and impeccable technique key requirements of winning. This is true whether you're celebrating a birthday or competing against colleagues at the end of year Christmas party

But what about between games? That's when you can let the competitive spirit cool off a little bit and focus on actually relaxing with friends and family. Here are three great activities that you can do to relax between rounds of bowling.

1. Grab a bite

If you've perfected your form, then all of that winning is sure to work up a bit of an appetite. Besides, you'll need to refuel if you're going to deliver a repeat performance, so why not use your break time to grab a meal from the ZONE BOWLING menu. There are plenty of options for all tastes, but if you've really earned a victory feast, then it's hard to go past ZONE BOWLING's signature burgers and perhaps even an ice cream sundae to top things off!

2. Hit the arcades

Many ZONE BOWLING centres across Australia now feature a fully equipped Playtime arcade, and what better way to unwind after a game of bowling than by hitting a classic arcade title for a few rounds. Whether that's a circuit of a racing track or a guns blazing adventure, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you've got a new teammate for the next game of bowling, a co-op game is a great way to make sure that you're both on the same page before things get real on the lanes. 

3. Take it to the next level

Of course, a bowling break doesn't mean that the competition has to stop - far from it! If a few banterous jabs have been fired during the game, everybody may well be in the mood for a laser skirmish showdown to work out who really reigns supreme. So strap on your battle gear, come up with a plan of attack and get ready to come face to face with your friends in a thrilling encounter where you can settle the score for good. 

Once you've taken a break, it's back to the bowling lanes, but to make sure you don't miss out, be sure to book online today.