3 tips for 'spares'


If you're asked to be a third wheel by a close friend it can feel like you're being pinned down by guilt-trip times a thousand. Don't get caught in the awkward whirlpool of silences and fake laughter, though, because you can own that job to ensure the evening is an absolute ball.

Bowl them over

Dinner, no matter how good, sits you at a small table and forces you to attempt the smallest of small talk. What you need is a mutual distraction to put a curve on things. Visit your local ZONE BOWLING centre to have an unforgettable night of tenpin bowling! Bowl, laugh, cry and gloat whilst only ever having to talk to one person at a time - because it's always somebody's turn to bowl! 

Prevent them striking out

Despite how much you didn't want to go, you still don't want your friend and their date to split because of a terrible evening. So don't just sit in the background, take charge! Organise everything for them, from acting as a chauffeur at the start of the evening to the taxi driver home. Keep yourself in a leadership frame of mind so you don't fall quiet - make sure it's a busy evening of fun. If it fails, your friend still keeps his date because its you who is totally lame - not them!

A league of your own

When in trouble, when in doubt - bring your own date to talk about! The best part of being the third wheel is that it only takes one extra person to make a party of four. Double date this turkey so you have someone else familiar to talk to, in case your friend and their date get a little 'hands on' (or 'faces on', as is often the case). As soon as you're double dating, instead of just tagging along, the night becomes something extra special - and that's the fast-lane to success!

If you plan to include a third wheel on your next date, make sure you share these tips with them! 

There are ten bowling puns in this article - did you find them all? Strike!