3 things that take more time than booking a game online


Hooray! ZONE BOWLING now offers a super quick, easy to use online booking tool. Get those fingers ready to tap and those mice ready to click, because you can book online across desktop, tablet and mobile devices more rapidly than ever. 

Why book online?

It is often said that time is money, but with online booking, you can literally save both. The new software is fast enough to give our car racing arcade machines a run for their money, but it also saves you time in centre as you need not wait in pesky lines to book your session. Lock in your fun before you even leave the house, then waltz into your local centre with a swagger and head straight to the VIP lane for online bookings.

In addition to saving time, your wallet can enjoy some savings too, thanks to the online-only special deals. These include regular delights such as Triple Play and Eat Drink Bowl, with more specials added regularly to keep the fun at championship-winning levels. 

Best of all, you can book online with peace of mind because our transactions are safe and secure. We use Payment Express and PayPal, both of which are secure payment gateways used by some of the largest and respected companies in the world. 

Satisfy your need for speed 

If our online booking software was a racecar, it would be a Bugatti Veyron, thanks to its sensational speed. Here are three things that would take longer than booking a game online:

  1. Making a cup of coffee: The National Coffee Association, which has been around in the USA since 1911, says it takes over five minutes brewing time to make a cup of joe using a drip system. For a plunger pot, your time reduces to four minutes. Guess what? Booking online is less than both! 
  2. Brushing your teeth: Dr Anna Guarna, a dentist with over two decades of experience, recommends brushing for a full three minutes - with the time split evenly between upper and lower teeth. Factor in brushing twice a day and you're looking at six minutes. Whoosh! That's the sound of an online booking completed before you can even squeeze toothpaste on. 
  3. Usain Bolt running a 100 metre sprint: No, we are just kidding. This Jamaican athlete holds the world record for this distance, finishing the race in a mere 9.58 seconds. While your entire online booking process will take a tad longer than 10 seconds, you're still looking at just a few minutes overall - now, that's Bolt-worthy timing!