3 of the best ten pin bowling performances of all time


Although some people might argue against it, ten-pin bowling is definitely a sport. As such, there have been performances over the years that gripped millions of people thanks to the sheer drama, entertainment and skill on show.

It might not be Usain Bolt winning another 100m at the Olympics or the Ball of the Century from Warney, but ten-pin bowling can still provide those moments that come to mind years on. So, let us at ZONE BOWLING take you on a trip down memory lane and describe three of the best ten-pin bowling performances of all time.

1. Hannah Diem: Youngest 300 bowler of all time

Most 9-year-olds have a focus on school and friends, but for Hannah Diem, her sights were firmly down a ten-pin bowling lane. Participating in the 2013 Youth/Adult League at Liberty Lanes Largo in Florida, Hannah stuck the monumental perfect game achievement as part of 730 series in which she also got a 204 and 226 (amazing scores as well).

The 300 record has been certified by the The United States Bowling Congress and surpassed the previous record holder by around 9 months. Word quickly spread of Hannah's impending record and a large crowd supported the final few strikes. Speaking to ABC Action News, she said the key was staying calm when the pressure increased.

"I still feel like I'm dreaming. It's like, pinch me," Hannah said.

2. Tommy Gollick: 47 strikes in a row

If you're down at ZONE BOWLING on a Friday night, one strike is enough to celebrate about. However, imagine bowling 47 of them in a row. How sweet would that feel?

One man, Tommy Gollick, from Pennsylvania certainly does, nailing 47 straight strikes during league play at the Red Crown Bowling Center. After a slow 4-10 spilt start, he hit his hot streak, not missing another pin. His first game finished at an impressive 279 before three (yes, three) 300 games.

Speaking to Bowling Digital, he explained that he was in total shock after nailing the record.

"I just can't believe that I could carry that many strikes without something standing," he said.

3. Chad McLean: 12 strikes in one minute

We encourage you to take your time playing and soak up the atmosphere when playing at ZONE BOWLING. Of course, there are always people like Chad McLean who are in a rush to finish up.

In 2013, Chad broke the world record for most ten-pin bowling strikes in one minute, knocking over 12 sets in the process. Think he had time for another game?

If you fancy having a go at creating your own great performances, get in touch with us today and bowl yourself to the record books!