3 most fascinating Guinness World Records for tenpin bowling


There seems to be a Guinness World Record for everything - from strange to seriously impressive, people continue to outsmart, outwit and outdo others in every activity imaginable.

Tenpin bowling records have been featured in the Guinness Book of Records 18 times, with people doing all sorts of crazy and kooky things. We've previously shared with you some of our favourite picks of bowling-themed Guinness World Records, but there are plenty more! See below for three great examples of how bowling can get even more exciting.

1. Largest bowling alley

Inazawa Grand Bowl in Japan has taken this record, with a whopping 116 bowling lanes on one floor. Built in 1972, this supreme bowling club covers 182,000 square feet - that's more than twice the size of your average football pitch! 

2. Highest tenpin bowling score between the legs

Frederick Magliacane achieved the highest between-the-legs bowling score of 224 in Daytona Beach, Florida, in January 2013. This is the first recorded attempt at this title that has been recognised and credited by Guinness World Records, and Magliacane is hoping to work on setting the rules with Guinness for those aiming to break the record in future. 

3. Tallest stack of bowling balls in 3 minutes by a team

In a feat that many would think impossible, Jäni Yli-Länttä and Niko Korkeakangas stacked nine bowling balls on top of one another using no kind of adhesive to hold them together. The duo managed to do this in fewer than three minutes - we doubt we could do it in an hour!

If you have been inspired by some of these records and are keen to try bowling with a twist, head down to your nearest ZONE BOWLING alley and give between-the-leg bowling a try and see how well you do! We may not be the biggest bowling alley in the world, but we are certainly the best.