3 more bowling Guinness World Records


Scoring a new personal best might be one of the most satisfying moments in bowling. Whether it's pulling out four strikes in a row during team bowling or simply getting your ball to travel down the lane without sinking into the gutter, achieving your goals is always a great feeling.

We know we've already covered some impressive bowling records, but we have a few more that just have to be shared. Imagine how exciting it would be if your new personal best was actually the best in the world?

"Longest marathon tenpin bowling"

You may feel addicted to bowling, but we're pretty sure you'd struggle to beat Stephen Shanabrook's marathon bowling effort. In 2010, Shanabrook completed 134 hours and 57 minutes of bowling - the equivalent of 643 games. We wonder how many strikes he managed to score in that many games!

"Highest tenpin bowling backwards single game score"

James Cripps, of the United States, managed a pretty good bowling score of 278 in his highest-scoring game. But what's different about this record is that he completed the game by bowling backwards - now that's impressive.

"Highest pinfall in tenpin bowling in one hour by an individual"

We all aim to knock as many pins down as possible in each game of bowling. However, the average bowler might find it a challenge to match Jose Pinzon Florez's record - he managed to bowl a staggering 1,378 pins in one hour of bowling.

These bowlers are pretty impressive - why not try and give them a run for their money?

Head down to your local ZONE BOWLING alley to get some practice in. Perhaps one day you'll hold one of these records yourself!