3 fun ways to use #BowlitOff on social media


Hooray for hashtags! That one small symbol sure looks a lot like a waffle, but it helps us connect with social media users the world over. How can anyone dislike something that even remotely resembles yummy waffles?

Here's how to use #BowlitOff in your own posts for added fun.

1) Creative poses for Instagram

We will be sharing your pictures with this hashtag on our new website, so stake your claim to fame by posting innovative, quirky shots. Get all your mates to stand in a circle and aim your camera down at your bowling shoes. Add in a filter such as Amaro or Valencia and voila - you have an insta-famous photo. Alternatively, unleash your inner Charlie's Angel and use the Laser Skirmish guns in a classic spy pose. 

2) Sharing your plans for the weekend on Twitter

Did you know there were a whopping 2,791,300 active Australian users on Twitter in January 2015? Social Media News Australia reported this number, and chances are, it has grown since. Tweet about your weekend plans to your heart's content using #BowlitOff within your Twitter post. Connect with these thousands of other tweeting ZONE BOWLINGers!

3) Inviting your friends to bowl on Facebook 

Everyone loves seeing that happy 'invited to an event' notification. Ask your friends and family to an outing at ZONE BOWLING with the event title 'Let's go #BowlitOff everyone!' in your Facebook event creation. You can also upload photos and include the hashtag in your image caption or comments for an added buzz. 

Each of these social media platforms will let you upload images to accompany your hashtag, so you can get trigger-happy on the bowling lanes and selfie away. 

Best of all, once you see your picture show up on our website homepage, simply take a screenshot and re-post it - now that's inception-level posting. Your social media game is officially strong.