3 facts you never knew about Reece Mastin


Unless you've been living under Ayers Rock for the last two years, you will definitely have heard plenty about Australia's rising rock and pop star, Reece Mastin.

Despite his ever-growing fame and status, however, there are heaps of things we don't know about his childhood!

To give our bowling fans a better insight into Reece's private life, we asked him to share some stories from his earlier years - here are some of the best nuggets we found.

1. His earliest experience on stage?

What would Reece have become if he wasn't a singer? Perhaps a soldier?

One of Reece's earliest memories of being on stage was when he was dressed up as a soldier for a school play - at just three years of age! No wonder he's used to being in the limelight.

Thankfully, he chose not to further pursue a career in the military and is instead now delighting us all with his voice.

2. Pics or it didn't happen…

Every teenager - including the country's biggest up-and-coming rock stars - has had their fair share of embarrassing moments in the past.

Reece recalls the time when he fell asleep on the beach when he was just six years old, firmly clinging onto his sister Liv's doll. He says he has the photos to prove it - although it's highly unlikely he'll be sharing them with us anytime soon!

3. The start of something great

Many of his fans often wonder just how he first got into signing - did his parents send him along to classes, for example?

According to Reece, as a kid he was always singing around the house and making up songs on his guitar.

"It was, and is, something I just generally love to do," he says.

Reece certainly seems like a fun guy to chill out with - so how does a bowling date with the star himself sound? If you'd like the chance to win, head down to a ZONE BOWLING today!