3 celebrities who love to bowl


We see them dazzling the red carpet at glamorous award functions, but which celebrities also love showcasing their skills on the bowling lane?

While there are many celebs who would wish that the Oscar or Grammy trophy looks more like the shape of a ten pin, here are three who particularly like the fun and excitement of a bowling alley.

Meghan Trainor

She's all about that bowl, that bowl, that bowl, no treble! In the May 2015 issue of Marie Claire magazine, the pop signer admitted to being madly in love with the sport of bowling.

"We always went bowling as a family; that's why it's my favourite", gushed Trainor. Turns out bowling is one of those fun family activities loved by celebrities, too!

When it comes to picking bowling balls, she loves to choose brightly coloured neon tones such as pink or green. "Those are my winning balls," she added. 

Kevin Hart

Many people are fans of this famous comedian, but Hart himself is an avid fan of bowling. He invested in the Philadelphia Hitmen, a team part of the Professional Bowling Association (PBA).

He regularly attends charity and celebrity bowling events, and often graces the microphone to deliver some epic jokes in PBA broadcasts. 

Justin Bieber

Not only did Bieber film the music video for his number one hit single 'Baby' in a bowling alley, he also threw a bowling theme party for the launch of his album My World 2.0.

Hosted in New York City, his party literally turned into a fun bowling contest between celebrities including R&B star and New York radio personality Nick Cannon. 

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