3 bowling gifts for the alley cat in your life


Christmas bells are ringing and that means that the mad dash to find the perfect gifts for friends and family is well underway. But you know, it can be especially tough to shop for people who have very specific interest, like the hardcore bowling enthusiasts among us. 

Never fear, we've got you covered on that front, so read on for three great gift ideas for the bowling fanatic in your life. 

1. A new bowling ball

A personal bowling ball is an important moment in the development of any alley-cat, and you can help your loved one take their first step down the road to becoming a professional. No longer will they have to hope that the perfect size is waiting when they hit the lanes! The right fit and weight is critical here, so you may need to forgo the element of surprise and ask for the correct specifications. You definitely don't want to go too big or too small, so better to play it safe and get the ideal match. 

2. A fresh pair of bowling shoes

If you really need to keep your present a surprise, but still want to get something practical for the bowling lanes, then a new pair of shoes is a stellar option. Working out the right size is easy - all you need to do is take a cheeky look at their normal boots or sneakers and they'll be none the wiser. Make sure to choose shoes that are customised for bowling. They'll be easily identifiable by their special soles and snazzy styles! 

3. a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card

Last, but certainly not least, what do you get for the bowler who already has everything? If you're lucky enough to be friends with anybody truly passionate about knocking down pins, then they will probably have a decent ball and special shoes already. Never fear, you can still fuel their hobby with a ZONE BOWLING Gift Card! This will let them head along to the alley whenever they feel like it, and you won't have to worry about choosing the wrong present. You can't go wrong with the gift of fun!

Gift Cards can be redeemed at ZONE and Kingpin centres around Australia, so wherever you're based, pick one up today and spoil your loved one rotten.

Get in touch with ZONE for more information, and Merry Christmas!