10 victory dances to break into for each strike!


We all know that sensational thrill that charges up the spine when we see that we have hit ourselves a strike. From the moment the bowling ball launches past our fingertips and thunders down the bowling lane in a straight line, to the precise moment is smashes the central bowling pin, our hearts are racing... but then comes the fun part.

We see all ten pins topple over, and it's like an epic slow motion starts to play as our hands stretch upward in a celebratory fist pump and our mouths stretch wide open in a happy yell of victory. Have you ever wanted to mix things up a little, though? If you're one of those bowling pros who smashes out strike after strike, feeling like a winner can be aided by mixing up your victory moves.

So why not boogie down the bowling lane with one of these 10 iconic dance moves? All eyes are on you anyway, you strike regular, you!

In case you don't know some of these choreographed moves, feel free to YouTube them and unleash some fun family activities in the form of dance rehearsals in the living room. 

  1. Gangnam style 
  2. Michael Jackson's moonwalk 
  3. Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' hand shake and head tilt
  4. MC Hammer's 'Hammertime' dance (this would look so epic in line with a bowling lane!)
  5. Walk like an Egyptian
  6. The Sprinkler
  7. Madonna's 'Vogue' 
  8. Macarena (bonus points for yelling out the 'aaaaaaaaay Macarena' the moment the strike hits)
  9. The Dougie
  10. Disco boogie 

For those of you who want to improve your bowling prowess and hit more strikes, so you too can bust out these fun dance moves in a bowling alley, come along to our free Bowling 101 course. You will learn a range of bowling skills and techniques over a four week period, so hitting many strikes is on the horizon for you!