Why winter parties are better at Zone


Hosting parties is usually equal parts stressful, rewarding and clean-up. But in Winter, the balance shifts to whatever the opposite of rewarding is, while keeping those other negative parts in the same ratio. Read these top five reasons to not host a party at home this Winter – and why ZONE BOWLING is the solution to all of them.

Consider those decorations destroyed

All those hours you spent making loops of crepe paper to string across the front door and backyard will be decimated with the first hint of wind and rain. Balloons will be popped or lost, piñatas ruined. And nothing’s sadder than seeing your brightly coloured labour turned to icy mush. But ZONE BOWLING’s party area is indoors, amazing and filled with awesome decorations you don’t have to sticky-tape yourself.

In fact, consider your entire home destroyed

Choosing light-coloured carpet was bold, unless you’re an abstract expressionist who can’t wait to see all the pretty patterns your guests’ muddy shoes make. Yeah, you’ve told them to take off their boots when they arrived, but eventually they get whipped up on sugar and late arrivals don’t get the memo. At ZONE BOWLING we have professional cleaners and industrial equipment. And no white carpet. Plus, we have our own ‘sexy bowling shoes’ to let your guests wear so there are no muddy footprints involved!

Everyone has to stay inside

One of the benefits of hosting a party in more clement conditions is the ability to set up a table filled with sweet treats, lay back on a banana chair and soak up the warmth while the kids run wild. In Winter, either everyone’s crammed into a living room that now feels like a prison cell (and no banana chairs), or you’re cowering under a tree as the icy drizzle sets in. So much better to be at ZONE BOWLING, where the indoors means you can relax, leaving our hosts to take care of all that while you order another milkshake … or something stronger.

The stress is all on you

When the weather’s no good for free play, you have to keep the entertainment coming. That means putting together a ‘pass the parcel’ package, stuffing lollies into balloons and finding a clothesline alternative to hang the donuts on. At ZONE BOWLING, all you have to do is show up and sing the birthday song before taking a few photos (or delegate that task to an older sibling). For everything else, our hosts have it covered. BYO banana chair.

Oh, and the food prep...

It’s worse in Winter, because everyone’s hungrier, and if you’ve been forced inside, instead of sprinting from fence to fence the kids become more focused on what’s going in their mouths. It’s way better to choose some delicious options from a list (sliders! Hot dogs!) and let our team whip up those piping-hot treats, platters, ice-cream cakes ... whatever tickles you. We’ll even put together some showbags, if you’re feeling fancy.

So book your next Birthday party at your nearest ZONE BOWLING, with a range of packages on offer to suit every need!