What prizes should you give out for a kids party


An important aspect of any children's birthday celebration is the games and prizes. Anyone can pick up a random assortment of toys from the dollar bin at Kmart, but to make your child's birthday celebration truly stand out amongst his or her peers, it's important that the rewards won from games are actually valuable to attendees. These prize ideas will help make a kids birthday event memorable for everyone involved.

Collectibles or trading cards

As with adults, children have their own interests. There's a strong possibility that your kid's group of friends all have similar hobbies, especially when it comes to collectible items such as figurines or trading cards. Chances are you'll already have an idea about what your party guests will be into as your child is probably a collector themselves.

Pokemon cards, for example, are hugely coveted among the younger generation. Small packs of these could be given out upon scoring strikes or taking out the most people in a game of laser tag. If a guest is lucky enough to win a shiny Charizard at their friend's ten pin bowling party, it's a sure bet that they will remember the event with fondness for a long time to come.

Loom bracelets - or whatever the latest craze is

Like the scoobie lanyards of yesteryear, loom bands have taken schools by storm. These bracelets are made with colourful rubber cord, woven together with a loom and hook. A huge part of their appeal is the crafting process, so prizes can be small packs of bands. A swanky new loom and hook are also a good option if you want to give out a bigger prize.

Movie merchandise

We all remember Frozen-mania last summer and you're likely still experiencing a wave of Minions madness washing over your children. Hop aboard the latest movie or television bandwagon and choose prizes accordingly. Things such as Star Wars figurines and Hunger Games sticker sheets will excite the little monkeys at your party to no end.