Throw a St Patrick's Day bowling party for your kids with these ideas


That special Irish day is coming up soon, where everyone dresses in green, laughs a lot, and does something they'll probably regret in the future.

However, St Patrick's Day isn't just for adults who enjoy a few pints of Guinness, oh no. If you're looking at throwing a St. Paddy's Day soiree for your little leprechauns, here are some ideas to help you!

Get to your local ZONE BOWLING

Throwing a kids party at ZONE BOWLING couldn't be easier, thanks to our handy party hosts who can sort out loads of the finicky details for you. 

Bowling is a great activity for kids, as it not only gets them actively socialising and competing with each other, but it's also a way to pry them off their video games and into doing some exercise! There are plenty of great ways to theme a bowling party around St Patrick's Day, too, which we'll outline below.

Go green

No, not environmentally friendly (well, that's up to you), but literally green. Challenge your little partygoers to come dressed in their St. Paddy best, with green up to their ears. 

You could even offer prizes for best dressed, both girls and boys, so everyone is excited about participating.

Om nom noms

Keeping everyone fed will help maintain energy levels, which in turn will better encourage smiles, laughter and possible chaos. Here at ZONE BOWLING we offer a variety of food packages to support the troops. We can offer hot chips, sandwiches, fruit platters, drinks and plenty more. All you need to do is ask, and the magic of St Patrick's Day (and our staff) will provide the rest.

St Patty prizes

As we mentioned, it could be a neat idea to offer prizes to the kids to get them buzzing about competition. Alongside costume prizes, you could also offer rewards for whoever wins the bowling itself, as well as fun ideas such as 'Best Irish Accent' or "Most Green Items". 

What to offer as a prize? Why not a big pot of gold? Gold chocolate coins, that is.