The ultimate checklist for your kids party at ZONE BOWLING


Is your child a social butterfly, always looking for the next social event of the season? Well, aren't we all! But these days, it can be hard to plan a party that will truly captivate all guests - there's always that one sulker who is sitting in the corner, hard to impress. But you're not a regular parent - You're a cool parent. And you have all the party plan ideas to ensure your child tops all friends' birthday parties. Of course, it's not a competition - but let's be clear, if it was, your kid would win. 

So let's take a moment to run through the ultimate checklist of must-do birthday party activities. Hit all of these, and yours will go off without a hitch. 

Top Notch Menu

Kids are picky, but luckily we have a top notch menu that caters for all tastes and if that's not hitting the spot our team can surely find the perfect balance. Break out the burgers, the sliders, loaded hotdogs and Nutella pizzas! View our menu here.

Offer endless entertainment

Easier said than done, right? Wrong. Choose a venue that allows kids to jump from activity to activity all under one roof. Activities like bowling, laser tag and arcade games are more than enough to keep all temperaments occupied all party long. A good competition will keep the kids talking about the party's events for months to come! Remember that time Timmy beat the high score on Batman? Your kids will.

Supply good bags with what they want

This party needs to come full circle - it's not over just because the invitation says it's time for parents to pick kids up. Now it's time for the piece de resistance, the cherry on top, the reason to remember your kid's party by. Don't disappoint them with a boring goody bag. Ask your child what their friends' interests are so you can personalise each bag. And, top it all off with a gift card to come back to the very party place that started it all. 

Where can you get all of this? Your nearest ZONE BOWLING centre of course! All three of these elements can be found in one place, making your party planning easier than ever. You're even going to please that corner sulker, because let's face it, these lanes have everything!