Get ready for the monster of all birthday parties


Once upon a time, a kid's party was a few balloons, a cake, party hats and a day out at the movies. But that was long before there was such a thing as Godzilla-themed bowling parties, complete with arcade games, bowling, food, laser tag, prizes, goodie bags and so much more.

There's no doubt about it. Kid's birthday parties are the next big thing. And of course, with any 'next big thing', there are always the ones that go wrong...

Less-than-ideal kid's birthday parties

Back in 2014, an excited couple prepared a platter of delicious cupcakes for their son's first birthday party. They were making their final preparations before the guests arrived in their Juneau, Alaska home, when an 80-kilogram black bear fell through their skylight and began eating the cupcakes. The family made a hasty exit, but managed to watch as the bear enjoyed the birthday cupcakes before calmly leaving the property. You see, drop bears aren't such a joke after all, are they?

Disney's Frozen movie spawned countless toddler renditions of 'Let it go', endless blue costumes, and probably thousands of kid's themed birthdays - but not all of them went according to plan. Back in 2015, a British mother was horrified when she planned a Frozen-themed party, complete with a hired 'Princess Elsa' entertainer, only for the entertainer to show up late wearing an ill fitting wig and dress. The rendition was so bad, in fact, that at the end of the day, the birthday girl asked her mum why Elsa hadn't come to the party as promised.

ZONE BOWLING's monster of all parties

Save yourself the hassle and book your child's birthday party at ZONE BOWLING for an absolute monster of a good time - and not of the black bear kind. 

We tailor our kid's birthday parties to whatever your child prefers - mostly bowling? All laser tag? Tons of arcade games? A bit of everything? We have all of that, plus the food, cake, and laughs to make it a hit. And not to mention - no clean up for you afterwards. Winning!

The seamless party checklist

  • Use our invite creator for easy and fun invites for the kids
  • Instead of buying your own goodie bags, just ask us about our show bags that the kids will love
  • Take note of each child's contact number for mums and dads in case of any issues
  • Skip the kitchen nightmare and book one of our delicious ice cream cakes