Safety tips for kids at the bowling alley


A bowling party for kids could well be the perfect way to celebrate your child's special day - and ZONE BOWLING is an exciting location to host the ultimate birthday do.

The combination of bowling, fast-paced laser skirmish, party food and party games, as well as the promise of a goodie bag at the end of the day, can get kids hyped up about the idea of a bowling party.

However, plenty of parents know that over-excitement can end up causing accidents when kids get too wound up. Although bowling is a fun and safe activity for all ages, it still pays to be aware of the potential hazards.

By debriefing your kids on these safety tips and looking out for them during children's birthday parties, your birthday boy or girl's special occasion will be filled with fun - and free of accidents!

Be sensible around the bowling balls

Bowling balls are heavy for a reason - so they can zoom down the lane and get that sought-after strike! However, a bowling ball dropped on toes could be a little sore the next day. Encourage kids to pick up the ball only when it's their turn to approach the alley.

In addition, make sure that kids pick the right sized ball for their size - choosing a ball that's too heavy could end up with the ball being dropped or even straining young muscles. It's also important to remind kids to keep fingers and toes clear of the ball return and any other mechanical equipment.

Respect the foul line

While some kids might think it's fun to slip and slide on the oiled lane, it can actually result in falls and serious injury. Make it a rule to keep toes behind the foul line at all times - whoever fails to do so, loses!

Keep party food to the table

In the excitement of starting a new game, it could be tempting for kids to take a piece of party food on to the lane. However, food can cause a slipping hazard, so tell kids to keep it away from the bowling area.

These tips are important and sensible, while still being reasonable for kids to follow - after all, you don't want to turn into the birthday grinch!