Queen of Arcadia: The ultimate royal-themed party for girls


Long live the Queen, Her Majesty Your Daughter! Is your little girl's birthday coming up soon? Are you stumped for fun birthday theme ideas?

Well, give her the royal treatment and celebrate in style at ZONE BOWLING! Here's a bunch of ideas for a royal-themed party, complete with a feast that befits rulers and Queen of Arcadia gaming tickets. 

1) The invites

We take the stress out of party planning for you as invites are included in your package. Once you receive these invitations to send to all the guests, hint at the theme by sending along a gold paper crown for them to assemble. Many craft and dollar stores sell these already cut out, and if you like, you can have some fun with your daughter glueing on some sequins as a fun craft project. 

2) Show​ bags for the subjects of her realm

A fun extra to your package is the chance to gift your guests Totally Girl show​ bags which come with a whole bunch of goodies for them to take home after a joyous celebration on the bowling lanes.

3) Royal feast

Included in your price is a Kids Meal with chips, a drink and a range of delicious food choices such as a chicken wrap, hot dog or chicken nuggets. If you like, you can extend the spread with one of our tasty platters of assorted sandwiches or other hot treats. Like any court that has connections with foreign diplomats and other monarchs, you can add international cuisine snacks such as Asian spring​ rolls, Indian samosas and French quiches. 

4) Royal Ball with bowling balls

You have the freedom to choose a One-Game or Two-Game package, combing Laser Skirmish and bowling or just one or the other. Our birthday deals include fun bowling lane challenges and spot prizes for the kids to have even more fun.

Best of all, our team offers every party a dedicated host who can act as your court council to keep everyone entertained!