Plan the ultimate birthday weekend for your child


The weekend is something to get excited about, especially if you're a kid. No matter how great a school they go to, in their minds, school will always suck - at least a little bit. So when the weekend rolls around and it's time to escape for two days, it's basically like heaven on Earth.

For your child's birthday this year, don't just let it be a normal weekend affair with excessive video games and junk food consumed at dangerous levels. Why not make it an event - something special? 

Here is our ultimate guide to a child's birthday weekend! 

Day 1: Fun outside

After being cooped up in a classroom all week (and perhaps sitting on the couch each evening), it's a great idea to get your kids outside and doing something active. If the sun is shining, slip, slop, slap and grab a cricket bat and ball. Backyard cricket is a staple of Australian culture, and it can be a great laugh when the whole family gets involved.

If your young ones aren't so much into regular sports, you could create a challenging orienteering course around your neighbourhood or local park, to give them the opportunity to both explore the area, and test their minds.

Day 2: Fun inside

On Sunday you can let them back indoors. Not at home, however, but here at your local ZONE BOWLING Centre. We specialise in fun, and our children's birthday parties will have them buzzing for weeks.

We can offer you a dedicated party host to help organise the event, including which activities you want to participate in and the food we can offer. Do the kids love their Call of Duties, Battlefields and other shooter video games? Our Laser Skirmish arenas will get them shooting at each other for real - but in a totally safe environment! Couple that with our arcade machines and bowling alleys and you've got a recipe for smiling faces.