Organise a stress-free children's party


Throwing a party for your children's birthday is a lovely occasion in which to gather your nearest and dearest to celebrate the special day of your beloved offspring. While this may be the ideal, the image created here is often all but a dream for most parents. However, children's birthday parties needn't be all tears and tantrums if you take the time to plan and manage the party accordingly. Read on for our top tips on everything from finding a location, setting a budget and how to manage on the day itself to make having a party for your kid's birthday a piece of cake!

Before the party

When thinking about celebrating your child's birthday with a party, it's important to plan in advance to make the process smoother and more enjoyable for everyone involved. The first factor to take into consideration is the date - account for seasonal or public holidays that may affect booking a venue as well as the response rate from invitees.

It's also wise at this stage to keep an eye on the figures, otherwise you could end up with an unexpected bill at the end of the party. Knowing how much you want and can afford to spend and sticking to it is essential. 

After the facts and figures have been finalised, the fun can begin! Start working on an invite list - be sure to chat to your child about this as depending on their age, as the amount of involvement they'll want to have in the process will vary. Making your own invites is also a great way to keep little ones occupied as well as making them feel more a part of the party prep.

On the day

Once you've gathered the troops and you're at the venue, staying calm is vital. While the kids may be running riot and there's tomato sauce everywhere, cool, calm and collected carers can be crucial. To minimise stress and optimise fun, make sure you've got the lowdown on the route you need to take to the location, as well as knowing how many guests to expect once you're there.

Keeping the children entertained as well as sufficiently fed and watered is key. Hungry and bored children often equal trouble, so avoid any potential hiccups by keeping them busy at the party.

As energy and excitement levels soar, some kids may throw a tanty - don't worry, this is a natural part of child development and is because your little one is unable to express him or herself properly. Deal with situations as they arise and enlist backup from the other children's parents to help calm any tricky tantrums.


One of the reasons that children can become frustrated and tired is the weather. Too hot and the little ones may get flustered, while too cold and they can't run around outside. A great solution to this common conundrum is to consider a bowling party. ZONE alleyways are fully air-conditioned for when the mercury climbs and heated for when chillier weather hits too. 

Plus, there's plenty of space for the kids to move around and wear off energy by hitting the lanes - did you know that each hour of bowling burns 285 calories? That's 200 more than watching a film! Ideal for both big and small parties, bowling makes for a fun and sporty celebration choice and all group sizes are likely to appreciate the extra pairs of hands that ZONE hosts offer, meaning parents can sit back and relax and let the kids get down to the serious business of partying.

Bowling is a great team sport and allows for some healthy competition between the guests. Get the kids to pair up with the parents or make it children vs grown-ups. However you decide to play, you can be sure that bowling is an entertaining and healthy party activity that all the family can enjoy. 

With a dedicated area for your group as well as catered food too, let ZONE take care of helping you celebrate your child's special day. When the party finishes, simply pack everyone into the car and head home after a lively day on the lanes - just don't forget the presents!

Laser skirmish

For another unique and quirky party idea that the children are sure to love, consider a game of laser skirmish. Allow your little ones to let off steam with a fun and high-energy laser skirmish session - no need to worry about the kids getting bored, instead of 'are we there yet?' you're more likely to hear 'no, I don't want to go!' after they've played this interactive and challenging game.

With the same benefits of the bowling party including food and dedicated host, ZONE can offer your kids an amazing time at their party. Don your armour and plot to win against friends and family, because laser skirmish lets your children use their brain as well as having a run around, all underscored with a healthy dose of fun too, of course! 

Make fun the priority with a safe, mess-free game of laser skirmish. Chose one of the laser skirmish party themes that matches the birthday boy or girl's personality. Try an urban adventure, an out-of-this world experience, roam the jungle or go back in time to the medieval period - they're all waiting to be discovered by your kids.

Work in teams or go solo, laser skirmish allows for plenty of fun whichever strategy you choose. Keep the kids calm and involved at all times with this hands-on party choice and who knows, maybe the adults will want to take part too.

So with all this inspiration for your child's next party, you'll be ready to consider a venue - remembering that planning ahead is essential for a smooth and stress-free celebration, especially for your little one's special day. Whether you'll be hitting a strike on the lanes or battling it out in a game of laser skirmish, choosing a ZONE BOWLING venue is a surefire way to score when it comes to keeping your kids entertained and engaged at their party.