Looking for something different for your birthday in 2017?


Ah, birthdays. A lot of fun when you're a kid, but as you get older, the prospect of enjoying your birthday falls by the wayside. Presents don't excite anymore and you'd maybe even prefer family and friends don't know that it's coming up.

However, if you fall into this category, the team at ZONE BOWLING might be able to help change your mind about your birthday - we even promise to not tell anyone how old you're turning!

ZONE BOWLING - not just for kids

If you're wondering why we're suggesting you hold your birthday at ZONE BOWLING, let's get one thing straight: our centres aren't just for the young, they're there for the young at heart as well.

Instead of going out to the pub or a restaurant we can provide you with a night that you will never forget. Fun, banter, food and laughs- everything you need for a great birthday. Remember our deal from the start? We won't tell people your real age if you start having too much fun!

A package for all birthday sizes

Once your friends hear the fun they're in for at ZONE BOWLING, you'll have them line up to be a part of your birthday! With this in mind, we have three unique packages to get your squad excited.

While all three - The Coach, The Champ and The Boss - offer the two game combination of bowling and/or Laser Tag, the real differences come in the food department. Lucky for you and your guests, the ZONE BOWLING menu is almost as good as that pair of socks you received as a present!

The Coach menu:

  • Assorted Mini Pies
  • Chicken Mini Roasters
  • Mini American Hot Dogs served with tomato sauce and American mustard
  • Pre-paid drink vouchers - $5 each

The Champ menu:

  • Bruschetta Bites (v) - lightly toasted baguette with vine ripened tomatoes and basil
  • Flaky Filo Pastry (v) - cheese and spinach filling
  • Chicken Mini Roasters - hot 'n' spicy and roasted glaze buffalo wings
  • Mini Amigos Mexican Nachos - with beef 'n' beans, guacamole, tomato salsa and cheese sauce
  • American Sliders
  • Mini Churros - served with chocolate dipping sauce and vanilla ice cream
  • Pre-paid drink vouchers - $5 each

The Boss menu:

  • Welcome drink on arrival - standard beer, wine or soft drink
  • Smoked Salmon on Crisp Toast (gf)
  • Mini Fisherman's Catch - battered flat head, crumbed prawn cutlet, tempura calamari and fries served with lemon and tartare sauce
  • Mexican Corn Cobs (v, gf) - parmesan, chilli and a splash of fresh lime
  • Chicken Mini Roasters- hot 'n' spicy and roasted glaze buffalo wings
  • Outback Sliders
  • Mini Fundae Sundae - served with cream, marshmallow and a crisp cinnamon tortilla strip
  • Pre-paid drink vouchers - $5 each

Even if you don't want to recognise your coming of age, your birthday is still a chance to get out and have some fun with friends. To learn more about our different birthday packages, get in touch with our team today!