Keeping kids entertained at the bowling alley


Planning a kids party could seem like a nightmare for busy parents, which is why children's birthday parties held at the bowling alley are the perfect solution.

Laser skirmish and bowling will keep the birthday boy or girl entertained for hours, saving Mum and Dad from stressful party game planning when hosting a party at home.

However, anyone with kids knows that their attention spans are rather limited. While getting involved in the game is sure to distract kids, it's possible that kids waiting their turn (and you, as a result) could get a little impatient.

Instead of becoming frustrated, why not plan ahead to make sure you're prepared for the ratbag who just loves to moan "when is it my turn" while you're trying to have a relaxing time?

Create challenges

Kids are often competitive, so providing a challenge or mini game could be the best way to distract kids when it comes to waiting for their turn. Try mini pop quizzes, seeing who can bowl the most strikes, or make the bowling itself even more entertaining for spectators - challenge bowlers to bowl backwards, in slow motion or with two hands. Kids will love watching what hilarity ensues.

Go old-school

Sometimes, classic games are best when it comes to distracting kids who tend to get sidetracked and restless when it's not their turn. How about old-school games such as 'eye spy', 20 questions, or 'two truths and one lie' to keep kids entertained while they wait to take to the alley?

Enlist the help of your host

At ZONE BOWLING bowling kids parties, you'll be provided a dedicated host to help you out when it comes to the finer details on the day. They're likely to have handled hyper and distracted kids at previous parties, so don't be afraid to have a quiet word with them if you're a little worried that some kids aren't having fun between turns, or are becoming hard to handle. They'll be happy to help you out.