Interview with a vampire


Not just for humans, bowling at ZONE can be a great family activity for all creatures. We recently interviewed one of our Halloween regulars - a vampire - about his experiences with ZONE.

Hi, Vlad, thanks for joining us

It is no vorries. I mean, it is either I answer your questions or I feed on your neck, you know? Haha, no seriously I am very hungry.

Why do you choose to come to ZONE for your family bowling?

Vell, I like to bring my family to this ZONE establishment for a few reasons. First and foremost, I vould say it is ideal for those of us who dislike the sunlight, as bowling is a fantastic indoors activity - especially vhen it is summer. I know that if I bring my family to ZONE they can have fun without getting severe sunburn ... or exploding into flames. 

Any other reasons?

I like the family bonding aspect of the sport. I have three offspring, a vife and two human minions - it can be hard keeping them together, you know? Vhen ve come here and bowl, the competitiveness helps us bond together and have fun, plus I get to show of my sveet victory dance moves. 

Also, I hosted my first child's birthday party at ZONE recently and they made it really easy. The staff helped teach her how to bowl properly, even though her rotting skin smelled pretty bad. There looked like there vere some great snacks available, too, but ve aren't really into human food.

What is your favourite activity at a ZONE BOWLING centre?

I really love Laser Skirmish. It is like nighttime in those rooms so I blend into the shadows really vell - nobody ever sees me coming. I can just stick to the ceiling and vait for some little child to pass underneath me, then shoot him vith my many lasers. It is a good laugh.

Do you have a favourite reason for visiting ZONE? Share it with us (and Vlad) below!