Which ZONE BOWLING Party for your Kid? | ZONE BOWLING


Knowing how to celebrate your kids birthday can be a tricky situation, but it's important to get the tone of their party right. After all, this is your child we're talking about, and you want them to have a great time. The challenge comes from the fact that there is no one-size-fits-all activity or event that can be applied to birthday parties, so working out the perfect occasion requires a little more thought. 

To make this process easier for yourself, there are a few simple questions that you can consider. Chief among these is simply 'if my child were a party, what would they be?' It might sounds silly, and in some ways it is, but working out the answer to this can help you to plan the perfect kids' party at your local ZONE BOWLING centre. Here are a few options. 

1. The athlete

Does your child live for sports? If you spend most of your evenings and every Saturday morning shuttling them between practice sessions and games, then the answer is most likely a resounding yes. Whether netball, rugby or tennis, all sports have a shared competitive side that appeals to certain children. In fact it's probably something they've inherited from you! For sporty kids, bowling makes a great party activity. It's physical, competitive, and provides another chance for them to get a win on the books. 

2. The gamer

Not all games are played out on the sports field - for plenty of modern kids the battleground is their living room and video game console. While modern games are certainly very advanced, there's still something special about hitting the arcade and feeling the satisfaction of pushing buttons and riding a joystick. The perfect place for this experiences is the arcade at ZONE BOWLING, which is chock full modern classics and legendary titles alike. 

3. The adventurer

For other children, the best adventures are still to be had with nothing more than imagination. Whether setting out on a journey through the park or constructing a fort in their bedroom, imagination is key to kids being able to picture themselves as the stars of your own action film. To really bring this to life, a laser skirmish battle is the perfect solution - providing ample opportunity for creating a story and playing it out on the battlefield. 

And of course no party is complete without delicious food, which ZONE BOWLING can deliver in spades. For more information on planning the perfect kids' party, get in touch with ZONE BOWLING today.